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Know World Personna Writting Month

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Happy November 3rd everyone. Today's Writer's Block Topic is all about your Persona's Station in life. I actually took some of these from the amazing Persona Worksheet in the AS50 file section.

1    What station or class are you of?
2    Is this the same as the station or class you were born to?
3    Is it likely to change in the future?
4    Are you wealthy, poor?
5    Is this likely to change?
6    Are you of the same station and class as those around you?  Are you higher or lower?
7    How do those who are higher in class treat you, how do you treat them?
8.     How do those who are lower in class treat you, how do you treat them? 
9,    The class treatment culturally dictated or a personal decision?
10.     How is this station relevant to your station (awards, or position) in the SCA. Have you merged the two?

For those writing in their Persona's voice, write either a letter or a journal entry talking about having to deal with someone of a different class.

Good luck!
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I know I may sound like a broken record but I have been working at the Challenge since Sept 4. and have already written more than 16,000 words. You will find my entries at lucianus.livejournal.com. I have f-locked them this time but I am more than happy to friend. I am also cross-posting the entries on my own website at journal.lukehistory.com. If you come to read at either place, please leave a comment, its nice to know who's stopped by.
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Good Morning and Happy 3rd of November. I am sorry this first installment of the KNOWOPERWRIMO is a few days behind, but it looks like I am finally getting things in order :-) For today's inspiration, I have 3 different topics you can choose from, but each are a way for everyone to get to know each other. Just like last year, these are always optional, and are just a way to get you over your writing block.

For those writing about their persona:
1.  Which decade did you choose for your Persona  and why? What is it about those years that inspire you? What is your favorite part of that decade? What is your least favorite part of that decade?

For those writing in their persona's voice:
1. Write a letter to a loved one who just had a child or a new found family member, explain who you are in the letter
2. A distant friend will be moving into the same region/country/area/keep as you. Explain what it is like, what your daily activities are, who the people around you are, ext.

Pick one (or more) of the options and try to write between 300-400 words.

Good luck and happy writing.
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Welcome everyone to November and the start of another KNOWOPERWRIMO. I want to include just a little introduction to how this works again.

As an offshoot/amalgam of both NaNoWriMo and NaBloWriMo, we've hashed out an SCA A&S 50 version:


Write about your Persona, or in your persona's voice either:

A) In a blog or diary every day for the month of November, or

B) A set number of words during the month of November (10,000 words)


Some Guidelines:

  1. Before the start of November, please make sure your SCA persona information is updated in your Profile.
  2. Starting on November 1st, write in your persona’s voice OR about your persona
  3. Write/blog/journal every day for the month of November OR write a total of 10,000 words for the month.
  4. Please post your entry in your own blog/journal. Also please post an announcement of your blog w/blog title and tags on the knowoperwrimo journal (you can still participate if you are not doing it online-see below)
  5. Please use the appropriate tags in both your announcements and your blog
  6. In order to support each other please try to read at least 2 other member blogs and leave comments.

Have writer’s block? Each day there will be helpful suggestions, tips, questions to help you along.



We will be using tags (http://www.livejournal.com/support/faqbrowse.bml?faqid=226 ) to help organize the blogs, and make it easier to search/read others blogs.


For every entry please tag it either as VOICE or ABOUT. You can alternate between the two, so if one entry you want to write about your persona, the next time you can write in the voice of your persona.


Please also tag it with your persona’s culture…common ones are:

German, Italian, Viking, Norse, English, French, Scottish, Irish, Spanish, Polish, Russian


Finally tag it with what you discuss whether it is cooking, daily life, religion, knitting, fighting, war, armouring, ext.


For more information on tags, please read http://www.livejournal.com/support/faqbrowse.bml?faqid=226 or ask for help.


Some Helpful Notes, Tips and Warnings


If you have any hope of ever *selling* your work for publication, you will need to friend's lock your writings, so as to preserve first publication rights.


You can participate even if you are not putting your entries online. This is especially true for those folks who want to handwrite their pieces, as their personae would have done.


If you are not writing in a blog or online journal but you still want to share, you can always take photos of your journal entries, scan them into the computer, or re-type them into a journal.

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Hi Folks,

My entries in Luke's journal have been continuing apace and I encourage you to take a look. We've had exciting battles, exciting wound infection and exciting overindugence in alcohol. I've made the posts friends only, but I'm happy to friend, so just leave me a note here. You can also see the posts over on my website at journal.lukehistory.com. If you read it over there, please leave me a note to say you stopped by.



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Hi Folks!

I have been continuing my KnoWoPerWriMo posts at Lucianus. They are friends-locked so you will need to drop me a note to be friended. You can also see them on my website at journal.lukehistory.com where they are not locked. If you look at them there, please leave a comment so I can see who's reading.

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I have been posting Luke's continuing adventures at lucianus.livejournal.com. I have friends locked these entries so you will need to contact me and I will add you to my friends list. Alternatively you may also read them at http://journal.lukehistory.com/ where they are not f-locked.
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I have made the first four posts of my new KnoWoPerWriMo journal. They are here:

I have friends locked the posts but if you want to be put on my feed for this you can just reply to this post and I will add you. Alternatively I have also added a blog to my website, which you can find here: http://journal.lukehistory.com/
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Before starting entries for my KnoWoPerWriMo project for this fall I wanted to give just a bit of background on the events.

Those of you who read Luke's journal last year will know that he is a professional soldier, a gentleman of a company of horse, in the service of Queen Elizabeth's army in France and the Netherlands. He also is a part time intelligencer for Sir Francis Walsingham so there may be letters off and on reporting in on current events.

You can find a fairly detailed persona history at these LiveJournal entires:

For this installment of Luke's life we find ourselves with the English army in the Netherlands in 1586. Robert Dudley, the Earl of Leicester is in command (for good and bad) and his army has just taken the town of Duisburg by assault. As a gentleman volunteer Luke has a fair bit of freedom to do what he pleases. He is in Captain Roger William's company and acts as an adjutant for him. He also was in Sir John Norris' service for many years and while he no longer is his man, he attends upon him as well. His distant cousin Sir John Russell is with the army as well and he has his confidence.

As always, I welcome questions and comments. I have made these entries f-locked to preserve my rights of first publication, however I welcome new readers. Simply post a comment and I will add new readers.
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So its that time of year again, the Known World Persona Writing Month. I'm actually starting my month two months early because I have an interesting period in Luke's life to cover, Fall 1586 - Winter 1587.

This time I will be posting these entries as friends locked, so if you'd like to see them please drop me a note. I have a fairly limited friend's list at present so even if you've friended me, I might not have friended you back, therefore it would behoove you to check my profile and see.

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